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Treadmill Lubricant

Expert fitness UK is the Leading Authority in Treadmill Belt Lubricant testing, consulting and certification with the very latest formulas for the Ultimate in Treadmill Lubricant Belt and Treadmill Deck Performance.

Whether you ownCommercial Grade Treadmill or Home Use Treadmill despite what you may have been told, read or heard, unless your Treadmill is fitted with an on board reservoir ALL Treadmill Decks will require a Treadmill  Treadmill Deck Re-Wax or Belt Silicone Oil Lubricant at some point.

Some Treadmill and Belt Manufactures label their Treadmills with Sales Specific Pre-Lubed, Waxless or Maintenance Free Treadmill Belts. This is where an application of Treadmill Deck Wax or Treadmill Belt Silicone Oil lubricant has been pre-applied into the surface of the Treadmill Deck or into the fabric of the Treadmill Belt. However, this application won't last long! Depending on the hourly usage of the Treadmill, this pre-lubricant will degrade causing friction between the underside of the Treadmill Belt and surface of the Treadmill Deck. This will cause Treadmill Deck and Belt wear as well as amp draw which will result in treadmill failure

A Simple Rule is: NEVER, EVER apply any Solvent, Petroleum or Aerosol based lube including WD40 onto ANY type of Treadmill Belt backing Fabric

Remember: If its not Expert's logo on the bottle then its simply not our genuine Deck Lube Treadmill Lubricant in the bottle. You will not find our industry standard Original Treadmill Deck Lubricant or Belt Lubricant on Ebay, Amazon or any other re seller sites. This way we continue to keep our prices low and supply our Customers direct