Commercial Treadmill Belt Silicone Oil Lubricant

Commercial Treadmill Belt Lubricant 100% Silicone Oil

Expert's Commercial Treadmill Silicone Oil Lubricant is a Commercial Grade 100% Pure Silicone Oil Treadmill Lubricant for use on light, semi, or full Commercial Treadmills either by straight forward manual application using the supplied appliactor or through the Treadmill instruction method of refill. Expert Fitness UK Commercial Treadmill Lube is fully compatible with all Treadmill Belt types that require a Wet 100% Pure Silicone Lubricant to provide the highest possible level of protection for the Treadmills mechanical and electronic component parts as well as offering Optimimum Operating Belt and Deck Performance.

Our Commercial Treadmill Silicone Oil Lubricant is available only from Expert Fitness UK or authorised Re-Sellers and is used daily by Treadmill Service Engineers during treadmill repair and service visits on a wide scale Nationwide.

*Important Safety Notice* Do not compare our Treadmill Belt and Deck Lubrication with any other Treadmill Belt Lubricant you may find on Online Auction Sites and other Vast Internet Based Enterprises as they are NOT the same! Using incorrect Belt Lubrication can lead to Internal Motor Control failure within the machine electronics and an unexpected sudden Motor Control Speed failure that could result in injury!

Click the PDF for Commercial Treadmill Silicone Oil Belt Lubricant Info Sheet Commercial Treadmill Silicone Oil Lubricant Fact Sheet


For your convenience our Commercial Treadmill Silicone Oil Lubricant is supplied in a 250ml or 500ml closed cap Plastic Bottle. All containers are supplied with Applicator and Tube Kit.

Should I use Oil or Wax?

In the first instance check your user manual which will recommend either a Wet Silicone Lube such as Silicone Oil, or Water Based Wax, or it will recommend a Dry Lube for the treadmill such as Paraffin Wax in the form of Wax Granules or in a Soft based Wax Powder form. If still unsure pull the side of the Treadmill belt upwards and twist it an inch to show the underside then look/feel check the type of fabric on the underside of the treadmill belt. If it is Cotton then you should always use our Treadmill Wax Powder Lube or Granules. Anything other than Cotton such as Polyester (looks like a shiny nylon) should use our advanced Treadmill Silicone Oil.


Cotton Backed Belts - Use Experts Wax

All other Belt Types - Use Experts Pure Silicone Oil

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Reviewer: John


I run a commercial gym and wouldn't use anything else. I come to expert fitness for all my bits I need for my gym and the added engineer support is superb

Reviewer: Jim Barnes


I run a gym and bought this expert fitness treadmill commercial lube instead of my usual lube used by my gym service company. It is a huge difference in performance of the machines. When they are all running flat out in the evenings the treadmill motors are definately quieter and i no longer have the occasional tripping out the guy in the office told me that the belts and motors will run cooler. Big thumbs up from me

Reviewer: Jason Tucker


Just wanted to say thanks for the great service and excellent priced oil received it today (next day) and advice on the phone its a nice change to speak with people who really do know their stuff