Treadmill Deck Wax Lubricant Powder

Treadmill Belt Deck Lubrication Deck Wax Powder Lubricant

Expert's Treadmill Paraffin Deck Wax Powder is the perfect alternative to wet Silicone Treadmill Belt Lube and is ideally suited to Cotton type Treadmill Belt Fabric or where a Treadmill Silicone Oil is not suitable. Our Performance Treadmill Wax Powder is ultra fine and soft and has a low melting point, which adheres in seconds to the underside of the Treadmill Belt fabric. Unlike other brands of Treadmill Deck Wax, Expert Brand does not "Cake" itself onto the Treadmill Drive and Slave Rollers causing Lumping under the Belt.

It is developed for Phenolic, Hardboard and Plyboard Treadmill Decks only and best suited to Non-Silicone based treadmill belts on Commercial or Home Use Treadmills.

Our Paraffin based Treadmill Deck Wax is available only form Expert Fitness UK or authorised Re-Sellers and is used daily by Treadmill Service Engineers during repair and service visits on a wide scale Nationwide.

*Important Safety Notice* Do not compare our Treadmill Belt and Deck Lubrication with any other Treadmill Belt Lubricant you may find on Online Auction Sites and other Vast Internet Based Enterprises as they are NOT the same! Using incorrect Belt Lubrication can lead to Internal Motor Control failure within the machine electronics and an unexpected sudden Motor Control Speed failure that could result in injury!

Click the PDF for Paraffin Wax Powder Treadmill Belt Lube Info Sheet Paraffin Wax Treadmill Lube Data Sheet


For your convenience our Paraffin based Wax Treadmill Lube is supplied in a 250ml squeezable plastic “flip-top” cap bottle. Paraffin Wax has a long shelf life and there is enough applications to last over 12 months due to its unique formula.

Note: Bottles are supplied approximately half full to allow contents to be shaken!.

Should I use Oil or Wax?

In the first instance check your user manual which will recommend either a Wet Lube such as Silicone Oil, or Water Based Wax or it will recommend a Dry Lube such as Hard Paraffin Wax in the form of Wax Granules or in a Soft based Wax Powder form. If still unsure pull the side of the Treadmill belt upwards and twist it an inch to show the underside then look/feel check the type of fabric on the underside of the belt. If it is Cotton then you should always use our advanced Dry Wax Powder Lube or Granules. Anything other than Cotton such as Polyester (looks like nylon twine) should use our advanced Silicone products.


Cotton Backed Belts - Use Experts Wax

All other Belt Types - Use Experts Pure Silicone Oil

Brand / Manufactured By: Expert Fitness UK Ltd

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Part Number: 15-0007

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Reviewer: Huw


Excellent service from start to finish. I couldn't find this treadmill wax anywhere in the uk. A quick phone call to expert fitness and spoke to a engineer who put my mind and ease. I have an old precor treadmill so could not put silicon on it. Applied the wax powder under belt and its smooth as silk. There is enough in the bottle to last a year or more. Happy customer here.

Reviewer: Paul


Although only small item ordered it was received in less than 24 hours well packed, kept well informed on delivery. The Parrafin Wax Lube has helped with a problem I have with the machine. The only negative point would be that there is not a large amount supplied but then it should last a year.