Treadmill Deck Wax Lubricant Powder (Refill)

Treadmill Deck Wax Lubrication Powder (Refill Pack)

Expert's Treadmill Paraffin Deck Wax Powder is supplied in a Seal Tight Refill Bag ready to top up your existing Treadmill Deck Wax Bottle or for applying directly onto the Treadmill Deck during routine maintenance or when replacing the same spec Treadmill Belt.

Our Paraffin based Treadmill Deck Wax Lubricant is available only form Expert Fitness UK or authorised Re-Sellers and is used daily by Treadmill Service Engineers during repair and service visits on a wide scale Nationwide.

Our Lubes are INDUSTRY STANDARD Genuine Treadmill Deck Wax that meet COSHH Regulations and available Only through Expert Fitness UK Ltd or authorised UK Fitness Equipment Treadmill Repair and Service Divisions

*Important Safety Notice* Do not compare our Treadmill Belt and Deck Lubrication with any other Treadmill Belt Lubricant you may find on Online Auction Sites and other Vast Internet Based Enterprises as they are NOT the same! Using incorrect Belt Lubrication can lead to Internal Motor Control failure within the machine electronics and an unexpected sudden Motor Control Speed failure that could result in injury!

Click the PDF for Treadmill Deck Paraffin Wax Powder Lubrication Info Sheet Paraffin Wax Treadmill Lube Data Sheet

Brand / Manufactured By: Expert Fitness UK Ltd

Availability: In Stock

Part Number: 15-0008

£7.50 ex VAT



There is Currently a Global Shortage on Silicon Oil and our stocks are due in to us at the End of May. As of the 5th May. Any orders received for Home Use, Commercial + Powerjog Silicon Oil will be placed on Back Order and shipped out once New Stock Arrives.
Silicon Gel and Liquid Wax are currently still available and are Suitable Replacements
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