Life Fitness Treadmill Wax Bag Refill Kit Life Classic TR and older HR models (Expert Brand)

Expert Fitness UK brand Life Fitness Treadmill Classic Wax Bag Lubricant Refill

Expert's Liquid Treadmill Wax Bag Lubricant is a high performance Water Based Lubricant supplied in kit form with everything required to refill your existing TR 8000/9100/9500HR older Classic Life Fitness Treadmill Internal Wax Reservoir Bag. It is Supplied in a simple "Bag in a Box" system for ease of use with full informative instructions using the Tap located inside the rear L/H End Cap of your LifeFitness Treadmill.

Expert’s Liquid Wag Bag Lube is a creamy, white Treadmill Lubricant with suspension agent to protect against any fragmentation of particles. When Original Life Fitness Wax Emulsion fragments, its contents separate causing particles to develop. It is these particles that can often cause the Treadmill Spray Wax Nozzle to Block!

We guarantee that you will NEVER experience Blocked Nozzles or any build up of Wax on the Life Fitness Treadmill Rollers, whilst using Expert’s Liquid Treadmill Lubricant Wax Refill on your TR 8000/9100/9500 Classic Treadmill.

Reasons for using Expert brand Liquid Treadmill Emulsion:

  • High concentration Lube in a 5-Litre self draining collapsible bag
  • Will not cause blocked Spray Wax Nozzles – NEVER!
  • No Wax Build up on Rollers – EVER!
  • Extremely Cost Effective compared to standard Lubricant
  • No need to ever replace the Treadmills Waxer Bag, just Refill it!
  • Will Reduce Maintenance Cost and Amp Draw so Lower Running Costs
  • Protects Belt, Deck, Motor and (motor controller bad) errors

Click on the PDF for Liquid Wax Bag Treadmill Lubricant Info Sheet Waxer Bag Liquid Emulsion Treadmill Refill Kit

Bag in the Box

Our “Bag in the Box” system allows you to connect the bags tube directly onto your Treadmills Brass Tap Valve located inside the left hand end cap at the rear of the Treadmill using the enclosed tube and fitment.

Ensuring that your Treadmills Spray Wax Nozzle is not blocked, simply connect the Life Fitness Wax Refill Pack and wait a few minutes while the Emulsion Lubricant drains down through the tube to fill the internal wax bag reservoir.


Expert brand of Treadmill Liquid Emulsion Lubricant is available only form Expert Fitness UK or authorised Re-Sellers and is used daily by Expert’s own Engineers and UK Treadmill Service Engineers during repair and service visits Nationwide.

Brand / Manufactured By: Expert Fitness UK Ltd

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