Treadmill Belt Lubricant GEL 125ml for Treadmills

Treadmill Belt Silicone GEL Lubricant for All Treadmills with Black Laminate Decks

Our 125ml Treadmill Belt Gel Lubricant Kit is a 100% Pure Belt and Deck Lubrication GEL. Our GEL Belt Lubricant contains NO Distillates, NO Petroleum and NO Nasty Solvents. Treadmill Belt GEL Lubricant has been used for many years by manufactures such as Sole Fitness and Spirit as a highly effective wet silicone lubrication superior to Treadmill Silicone Oil. Supplied to authorised re-sellers and used daily by Treadmill Service Engineers during repair visits, regular applications of Treadmill Belt GEL Lubricant will ensure your treadmill operates at Optimum Performance. Odorless and clear our Treadmill Belt GEL Lubricant will be one of the best investments you ever make for your treadmill over any other type of Lube especially when used on Black laminate coated Running Decks

For Use on Fuel, Sole and Spirit Treadmill Belts but also as a Superior Treadmill Belt Lubricant for Reebok, AFG, Horizon, Xterra, York, Proform, Weslo, Health Rider, Keys, Livestrong, Smooth, Free Motion, Life fitness, True, Nordictrack, TreadClimber, Iron Master, Icon, Lifestyler, Everlast, Hammer, BH, Body Sculpture, Karrimor, Kettler, VFit, Pacemaster, SportsArt, BodyGuard, Schwinn, Trimline, Roger Black, Carl Lewis, Nautilus, Bowflex, Lifespan, Yowsa, Life Fitness F3 and Vision Treadmills to name just a few... If your unsure whether GEL Lubricant is suitable for your treadmill just phone our Engineering Department on 01656 729846 with your Treadmill Model who will be happy to answer any technical questions you may have.

*Important Safety Notice* Do not compare our Treadmill Belt and Deck Lubrication with any other Treadmill Belt Lubricant you may find on Online Auction Sites and other Vast Internet Based Enterprises as they are NOT the same! Using incorrect Belt Lubrication can lead to Internal Motor Control failure within the machine electronics and an unexpected sudden Motor Control Speed failure that could result in injury!

Click the PDF for Home Use Treadmill Lubrication Gel Info Sheet  Commercial Treadmill Silicone Oil Lubricant Fact Sheet 


For your convenience our 100% Pure Treadmill Belt GEL Lubricant is supplied in a ***125ml Bottle*** and comes complete with applicator nozzle and full instructions for use with enough treadmill lubricant to last up to 12 months!

Should I use Treadmill Oil or GEL?

There is no doubt that Silicone Oil wet based Belt Lubricant is an excellent Lubricator but there are a number of benefits why to choose Treadmill Belt Gel over Treadmill Belt Silicone Oil. Firstly, Treadmill Belt GEL is Superior in Performance. Under a strict 5 year test within a number of commercial leisure centres experiencing heavy treadmill use, our Engineers found that the replacement of Treadmill Belts, Decks and Drive Motors drastically reduced in comparison to adjacent Treadmills that were lubricated with Silicone Oil. Additionally, when GEL was applied onto Pre-Lubed Belts and Maintenance Free Belts there was an increase of up to 14 months in Belt Life in comparison to neighboring models that continued to rely on the untouched Pre Lube or so called Maintenance Free type non lubricated. Further investigation also showed that we were repairing Motor Control Units (MCB's) less frequently on the Treadmills lubricated with GEL compared to Oil.

Another reason for choosing GEL over Oil especially in a home environment would be to do with the viscosity of the Lube. GEL will tend to keep it's GEL like consistency ensuring there is little or no leakage, drip or run onto surrounding furnishings, floor coverings or carpets allowing the Treadmill to be fully folded upright for space saving or storage.

Brand/Manufactured By: Expert Fitness UK Ltd

Availability: Maximum Order 1x Bottle (due to global shortage)

Part Number: 15-0026

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Reviewer: Davey


Awesome, I paid a lot of money for my treadmill and the treadmill manual recommends only to use this gel and your the only company I have found in the UK who provides it. Please keep selling it!