Fitness Equipment Cleaner Spray 500ml

Fitness and Gym Equipment Cleaner Spray is a scientifically developed Foam Breaker Spray with a pleasant fragrance. Designed to remove all types of Dirt, Grime, Grease, Sweat and Oil from Painted Framework, Upholstery, Plastics Coverings and Consoles it is a product that has been used for many years within the gym industry


For your convenience it is supplied in a 500ml Aerosol Can.

For Service Companies and Trade Customers we also offer a 12 Box Pack.


The method of application is by a spraying directly onto the contaminated area and allowing the light almost dry foam to lift any contaminant from the surface after which the soiled foam can be easily wiped away leaving the area clean and hygienic.

Kind to Upholstery & Your Equipment

Although powerful enough to remove Oils and Grease, Expert Brand Foam Cleaner is also kind to Upholstery and Cardio Vascular Products.

Body Sweat attacks gym vinyl upholstery and eventually causes cracking and splitting, hence why you sometimes see "Gaffer Tape" in some gyms being used to help minimise further damage. Our Foam Cleaner properties play a part in removing Sweat and "feeding" the Vinyl to help reduce cracking.

Ideal for Console Overlay Display Stickers

Absolutely IDEAL for Overlays and Console Screens as behind them reside sensitive electrical and Electronic Membranes and Circuit Boards.

Expert Foam Cleaner is unlike water based cleaners where the liquid penetrates the Overlays and slowly begins damaging and separating electronic tracks. Instead the dirt is lifted within the Semi Dry Foam and wiped clean using a towel leaving the area hygienically clean and dry

Brand: Expert Fitness UK Ltd

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