Vision T9450 Treadmill Belt Kit (Orthopaedic Grade)

Vision T9450 Orthopaedic Treadmill Belt Kit (Expert Brand) is a Superior Quality Commercial Grade Treadmill Belt kit which includes our Pure Treadmill Belt Lubricant that has been specifically designed to withstand the most demanding Treadmill use. With our Treadmill Engineering background expanding well over 30 years Expert’s Treadmill Belts are renown for their Quality and Durability through using only the best 2-Ply, High Strength, Ultra Light Treadmill Belt fabric factory made to ensure High Belt Grip, Lateral Stability, True Belt Tracking and Whisper Quiet in use.

You have peace of mind that our Treadmill Belt Kits are specifically designed for the Vision T9450 Orthopaedic (Premier) Treadmill and will perform within tight Motor Control Board and Drive Unit operating tolerances ensuring the very best in Treadmill Performance and Reliability or more importantly reducing potential MCB failure. Included with our Treadmill Belt is 100% Compatible Belt Lubrication which is applied during the fitting of the Belt to provide the Optimum friction reducing protection for your Treadmill.

Very Important: The original Treadmill Belt and Deck design for your machine uses a Treadmill Wax Lubricant System and NOT Silicone Oil Lubricant. When replacing the old Treadmill Belt, the new Treadmill Belt must also have an application of Wax applied to ensure the same level of protection against friction as would have been provided from new so, included in our Belt kit is 100% Compatible Pure Wax Treadmill Lubricant (Pack1 and Pack2). However, this only applies if you still have the original Treadmill Wax Deck fitted. When replacing the Treadmill Belt if you also upgrade the original Treadmill Deck with an Expert Performance Treadmill Laminate Deck at the same time, then you are able to apply our wet Pure Silicone Lubricant and then you have the Ultimate fully compatible Deck, Belt and Pure Silicone Lubrication system Upgrade superior to any other.

Treadmills already fitted with Black Laminate Decks can use our Pure Silicone Oil Please choose from the Drop Down Box below.

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Fabric Specification: 2-Ply High Strength Low Weight Commercial Grade

Surface Texture: High Grip 4mm Orthopaedic Finish Heavy Duty TPU

Lubrication: Belt fabric can be used with All types of Lubrication

Warranty: Industry Leading 12-Month Warranty

For Make and Model: Vision T9450 Orthopaedic Treadmill Belt

Engineer Note: Prefer to design your own treadmill belt? Then please <click here>

Brand: Expert Fitness UK Ltd

Production Time: (5 to 7 Working Days)

Part Number: 3-0082

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