Treadmill Deck Wax Lubricant Hot Melt Wax Granules

Treadmill Belt Deck Wax Lubricant Granules

On Old School Treadmills like Trotter, Cybex, TrackMaster, Precor and some newer Treadmills a select few manufactures apply a Hard Wax to both sides of the Treadmills Deck and when the Wax begins to diminish and friction starts to show the Treadmill Deck can simply be turned over to expose the unused Wax on the underside. When the Deck Wax on the underside begins to diminish the manufacture will normally advise that a brand new replacement Treadmill Deck is purchased that has a fresh coating of Wax. However, providing the Treadmill Deck surface is not worn, scored, or wallowed then a straight forward re-wax of the Treadmill Deck Wax or re-dressing is all that is required.

Expert's Treadmill Paraffin Wax is a Hot Melt Iron-On Dry Wax. Its main use is for impregnating wax or re-dressing wax into Pre Waxed Decks, either from new or when both sides of the treadmill deck have been exhausted and a re-dressing is possible. Hot Melt Iron-On Wax is for use on Treadmills fitted with Cotton backed Belts or Hardboard, Plywood and Phenolic timber Treadmill Decks. Note: Never apply onto Black Laminated Decks as the heat from the ironing in process could cause damage to the Glued Laminate. In All cases if you have an after market Black Laminate Treadmill Deck then only use a Silicone based Treadmill Oil Lubricant which can be purchased by < Clicking Here >

*Important Safety Notice* Do not compare our Treadmill Belt and Deck Lubrication with any other Treadmill Belt Lubricant you may find on Online Auction Sites and other Vast Internet Based Enterprises as they are NOT the same! Using incorrect Belt Lubrication can lead to Internal Motor Control failure within the machine electronics and an unexpected sudden Motor Control Speed failure that could result in injury!

Click the PDF for Paraffin Wax Granules (Iron-On) Lubrication Info Sheet Paraffin Wax Treadmill Lube Data Sheet

Now The Good News

In the majority of circumstances (excluding treadmill deck wear) a straight forward Treadmill Deck Re-Dressing is all that is required to return the Treadmill Deck back to its “as new” purpose!

Expert’s Treadmill Deck Wax Granules are melted into the surface of the Deck by using a Hot Iron until fully absorbed into the timber. When cooled the Wax dries to provide a hardwearing Deck Lubricant that often lasts Years!

Our Granulated Treadmill Deck Wax Lubrication is available only form Expert Fitness UK or authorised Re-Sellers and is used daily by Treadmill Service Engineers during repair and service visits across the UK


For your convenience Expert Paraffin Deck Wax Granules are supplied in a Sealed Bag with enough to last you Years

Note: A Hot Iron is required to apply this Treadmill Deck Wax. Please use Caution. Instructions on how to apply the Treadmill Deck Wax is supplied with the Granulated Deck Wax Kit as well as our Technical Support Engineers available daily for any advice.

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