York Rower Seat Carriage Wheel Roller for Rowing Machine

York Rower Seat Carriage Wheel Roller for Rowing Machine White PU Roller (Expert Brand). A direct replacement Rowing Machine Seat Roller suitable for York Rowing Machines Seat Carriages. Our Rower Seat Roller is made from a high grade Polyurethane with an Engineered Flat Faced Tyre along with a High Quality internal Bearing. Used on MagAir 3000, R700, MagAir 5000, Quest, R501, R510 and Inspiration Models

Suitable for the following York Rowers models Manufacture Reference: R700 Rowing Machine - 5666 - 5666-66, MagAir 3000 Rowing Machine 5223 - 5223-66, MagAir 5000 Rowing Machine - 5543 - 5543-66, Quest Rowing Machine 56018 - 56018-42, R501 Rowing Machine - 56000 - 56000-42, R510 Rowing Machine - 56001 - 56001-42, Inspiration Rowing Machine  - 56011 - 56011-42, Inspiration Rowing Machine - 56003 - YKF20303W1

Engineers Note: Some Customers query as to why this wheel is not like the original where the Tyre is Radius-ed. The Original Tyre being Radius-ed, will only have a small amount of surface area in contact with the Slide at any one time during use. This means that when the Load (weight) on the wheel is increased the Tyre is prone to "Spread" and will Split down its middle eventually causing the Tyre to break apart which is probably why you are here buying a replacement wheel in the first place. Our Engineers machine a Flat into the outside diameter of the Tyre to increase its Surface Area. This will increase and improve the longevity of the Wheel

Dimension Metric: 38mm OD x 8mm Hole x (4mm approx of Flat Profiled Tyre to the Surface with Chamfered Edges)

Dimension Imperial: 38mm OD x 5/16" Hole

Brand: Expert Fitness UK

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Part Number: 12-0037

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