Wire Rope Long Handled Crimping Crimper Tool

Long Handled Crimping Tool suitable for crimping Aluminium / Copper Ferrules and Aluminium / Copper End Stops (when used for Non Critical usage)

Suitable for: Use to Crimp the following Wire and Ferrules

  • 1.5mm Wire (2.0 Din Ferrule)
  • 2.0mm Wire (2.5 Din Ferrule)
  • Note: Does not crimp 4.0mm Wire
  • 5.0mm Wire (5.5 Din Ferrule)
  • 6.0mm Wire (6.5 Din Ferrule)

Engineers Note: When carrying out ANY kind of hand crimping including hand operated Hydraulic models, crimping should be done in several bites; this ensures that the jaws are completely closed to give a safe splice and round finish to Ferrules or Stop Ends

Additional Note: Hand Crimping Tools including hand operated Hydraulic models are designed to press Aluminium Ferrules and Stop Ends. They are not designed to press Steel in the form of Swage Ends or Threaded Studs. Only use this Long Handled Crimper as a cost effective Tool to have at hand for on-site situations when making Wire Rope Eyelet, Ferrule and End Stop Gym Cables

Crimping Tool Handles: Long Type

Finish: Painted with Rubber Handles

Availability: 3 to 5 days

Part Number: 16-0026

£155.00 ex VAT



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