Weight Stack Plate Rubber Spacer

Gym Weight Stack Plate Rubber Spacer fitted between the Weight Plates on Strength Equipment to evenly space them and enable easier insertion of the Selector Pin

After a period of time and constant slamming down of the Weight Plates compression occurs between the plates resulting in the Weight Plate holes becoming misaligned with the holes in the Centre Pin making it hard or impossible to insert the Selector Pin!

Remedy: From the top of the Weight Stack count down to the problem Weight Plate that will not select, place the Selector Pin into the Plate immediately above the problem Plate, then have an accomplice to use the machine to raise up the selected weight stack and hold it in position while you, using a sharp knife, slice open two Rubber Spacers and place each one around both the Guide Tubes/Bars (either side the Centre Pin) so the Rubber Spacers are sitting on the surface of the problem Plate. Once the raised weight stack is then lowered back down, the Centre Pin and all Weight Plates directly above the problem plate will have risen by 2mm in total including the Centre Pin holes and will have effectively lowered the plates from the problem plate downwards allowing easy insertion of the Selector Pin once again

Washer Thickness: 2mm

Outside Diameter: 66mm

Inside Hole Diameter: 36mm

Quantity: Pack of 10

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Part Number: 10-0010

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