Steel Pulley Multi Gym Cable Adjustment Plates With 90mm Pulleys

Steel Multi Gym Cable Adjustment Plates With 90mm Pulleys - Unpainted or Painted includes x2 90mm (3 1/2" inches) Gym Grade Pulley Wheels and the correct Internal Centre Hubs. This system is normally fitted within the Wire Rope Cabling Route of Home Multi Gym fitness equipment and used to alleviate any Wire Cable slack within the system. A series of holes are available for moving the Pulley Wheels closer together to tighten or loosen the play or slack within the Wire Ropes. There are x3 10.5mm Holes located at each end for each of the Pulley Wheels. Suitable as a direct replacement or for new custom build multi gym equipment design projects

Smaller Pulley Wheels available Separately: Please click here for Pulley Max Pulley Size 90mm or (3 1/2 inch) with this Bracket

Width Inner (Hub Between Plates ID): 28mm wide (1 1/8 inch) See < here > for Pulley Wheel Hub Inserts

Adjustment Plate Length: 300mm

Dimension Pulley Hub Centre Hole: 10.5mm

Material Finish: Can be Painted or Unpainted (Choose Drop Down Box below)


Availability: Allow 1 to 2 Days

Part Number: 12-0035

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