Speed Sensor Kit Rectangular Reed (Universal)

Treadmill / Exercise Bike / Crosstrainer / Climber Rectangular Sensor Kit supplied as a higher qulaity upgrade replacement suitable for all Home Use fitness equipment or Commercial fitness equipment that are fitted with a Rectangular type Sensor for the Bike Flywheel or Treadmill Roller Pulley. In addition these type of Universal Sensors are now also being fitted into Console Emergency Stop Switches of Treadmills and Bikes where a magnet is used on the fascia to activate the switch contacts, so quite a universal unit. This Sensor Kit will directly replace your existing Rectangular type Sensor.

Many "Error 1" Codes are quite often due to mis-aligned, damaged or generally poor quality Sensors fitted to the product. These type of Sensors are quite generic in use and can be found fitted onto a wide range of fitness equipment products within the industry.

Kit comes complete with the following:

x4 Screw on Connectors, x1 Replacement Sensor; 1m of extension wire

Engineer Note: For the Cylindrical Sensor please < Click here >

For Treadmills: Turn the Treadmill OFF and remove the Plug from the Mains Wall Socket! Then, using a scissors simply cut the faulty sensors wire about 20cm away from the sensor itself then remove the faulty or damaged Sensor. There is no need to remove the connector plug where it attaches to the circuit board. Fit the new sensor onto the machine. You will notice that the cable ends of the new sensor have been cut back about a 1cm to show the internal wire. Do the same to the ends of the wires on the wiring loom still attached to the machine. Join the wires 1 and 2 of the machine wire to wires 1 and 2 of the new sensor with a twisting clockwise action and finally using the grey plastic connector covers place them over the bare wires and turn clockwise a few turn until they become tight. A length of replacement wire is also included with two extra connectors should the original wiring loom have also been damaged.

Sensor Dimensions: 30mm x 20mm x 7mm Thick

Sensor Range to Magnet: Up to 8mm maximum (gap)

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