Powerjog Treadmill Console Overlay 6 Key Keypad and Membrane

Powerjog JX Series 6 Key Treadmill Keypad is the only replacement Keypad available for the J Series Treadmill that has been designed specifically compatible for use on both the early Black Keypad Consoles (1998-2002) and the latest Blue Type (2002-To Date) Consoles

Older Style Design: On the underside of all Powerjog Treadmill keypads is an electronic membrane that transfers the individual commands once a button has been pressed for processing onto the main board situated inside the Console

The Early Design Consoles: Used a black Keypad and Membrane that was secured onto a metal plate through a large opening through the top moulding and also had the Circuit Boards located close-by within the Console for attaching the loom.

The Latest Type Consoles: Have a sealed top where the Membrane loom enters the Console through a narrow slot on the opposite side to the early Console meaning the interior circuit boards have also been moved to accommodate the modification. This means that the latest Blue Type Console Keypads and Membranes are not compatible with the older style Consoles. Our Engineers have developed a Brand New Keypad and Membrane that encompasses the old and the new in its design allowing it to be fitted to both type Consoles.

Expert Brand Keypads: are a completely sealed unit to prevent any moisture ingress and at the same time keeping the original background colour with the main difference being the route that the Membrane wiring leaves the Keypad and enters the Console along with the unique design extra long tail to reach the newly positioned circuit boards. In addition we have applied brail and brightened up the main button colours

Method: The method of fitting any machine replacement Keypad and Membrane can sometimes be a little awkward if you have never replaced one before, so it is sometimes best to leave it to the Experts as the Powerjog Consoles involve removing most of the inside electronic boards

If you enjoy DIY and prefer to have a go yourself then we can supply plenty of Tech Support, its what we are good at or if you would prefer to return the Console for us to do the work then that's also OK

Colour: Available in Blue or Black. Please choose below

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Reviewer: Innes


Dear Sam Just to say many thanks for all the help with the treadmill. It's all up and running, really helpful up here with our weather sometimes! Thanks for all of the advice and the quick turnaround with parts / repairs. First class! Best Wishes Innes Innes Morton Extended Scope Practitioner Western Isles Hospital