Nylon Slider Sleeve Insert 2" OD x 1 3/4'' ID

Nylon Sleeve Insert 2" OD x 1 3/4" ID used on fitness equipment and Benches etc where metal box section is required to slide inside another

Nylon Sleeve Outside Dimension: 2 " OD (50mm approx)

Nylon Sleeve Inside Dimension: 1 3/4" ID (45mm approx)

Size Including Upper Top Lip: 2 1/4" OD (57mm approx)

The Nylon Sleeve is designed to fit into 2" x 2" square metal box section (SHS) that has a 2mm - 2.5mm wall thickness (12-14gauge). The Nylon Sleeve Inside Diameter is 1 3/4" to allow 1 3/4" metal box section to slide inside it. There are two holes either side of the Nylon Sleeve that will locate into pre-drilled holes within the outer 2" Square Box Section (SHS) to help lock the Nylon Sleeve into place using a short Self Tapping Screw

Engineer Note: It is important that the SHS used does not have too much of a corner radius as the Insert is quite square

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