Make Your Own Gym Cable Cord Rope

Ultimate Gym Cable Corded Rope making facility has been set up for your convenience. Making a Gym Cable Corded Rope through our On-Line facility is easy enough. Enter your chosen options into the form below and a total price will be calculated for you at your Shopping Cart where you will also be able to adjust the order quantity

One main advantage of our Ultimate Gym Cable Corded Rope over Gym Wire Cable is that it is far more flexible and travels more freely around machine Pulley Wheels. Our Gym Cable Corded Rope has ultra low stretch characteristics similar to Gym Wire Rope and is very hard wearing.

Our Gym Cable Corded Rope is no ordinary Rope as it has a break load of over 500kg! With the average Gym Weight stack being 70kg it is well suited for the job with testimonials boasting 9 years between replacements!

With many recent Home Multigyms and Adjustable Pulley Machines (DAP) being introduced by companies who are sourcing to manufacture their gym equipment in the Far East, it is becoming more common to see too many pulley wheels being used and too severe a wire rope angle travel being incorporated into the design by manufacturing facilities who clearly have little engineering knowledge or experience of the product they mass produce. If wire is continually bent backward and forth, twisted sideways, figure of eight through a spaghetti junction of tight small Pulleys it will uncoil or break! Some gym equipment manufactures think by reducing the diameter of the wire down to as little as 3mm will produce more flex and do the trick. Absolutely not! Gym Wire Cable is not manufactured for such a severe travel angle under load and will prematurely fail!

We recommend the use of our Gym Cable Corded Rope over our Gym Wire Cable only if you are unnecessarily paying out on replacement Gym Cable Wire Rope because of a poorly designed machine and there are plenty out there! At present we are only making Eyelet Ended Gym Cable Ropes but with optional addition of a Rubber Ball Stop.

If you do feel that you need help using this facility please telephone our office on Tel: +44 (0) 1656 729846 to arrange to speak with an Engineer.

Important Note: The end price of your Gym Cable Rope will depend on the information you provide. Additionally, please double check your Gym Cable Rope details prior to payment as custom design Gym Rope Cables are specific to your requirement and cannot be returned or refunded for any reason.

Rope Diameter: 6.5mm (approx 1/4")

Rope Break Strength: Min 500kg

Availability: 24 hrs (Monday to Friday)

Part Number: 18-0069

From: £24.50 ex VAT



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Reviewer: John and Margaret


Hi Sarah, We would like to thank you for the speedy response to our order, we have not had such a service in a long time,including the updates,again many thanks to all involved. Kind regards, John & Margaret

Reviewer: Jon Richards


I have to say excellent advice form Lyndon in your office. I was replacing Life Cables on my Dual Pulley like crazy at least every couple of months, I have left it till now to do a review as the replacement rope has been on now for coming up to a year and there is no sign yet like it looks to break. 1st class advice and i have saved pounds. Really pleased