M8 Treadmill Deck Damper Male/Female Elastomer

Treadmill Deck Damper / Elastomer (Natural Shore) also known as a Deck Shock Absorber or Elastomer used on many brands of Treadmill fitted to the underside of the Running Deck (Board) and the Lower Frame brackets. Suitable for Johnson, Trackmaster and many other treadmills

Our Treadmill Deck Dampers are medium shore and designed for Heavy Use

Engineer Note: Deck Damper hardness is measured in "Shore". Many softer, lower shore Elastomer are fitted onto Treadmills during manufacture and are simply not suitable for the job. Within a very short time the rubber breaks down resulting in the Treadmill Deck banging directly onto the frame eventually also causing running deck failure. A Treadmill Running Deck that has failed Elastomer will not sit level (usually sunk down at the front end) and will also cause "Belt Tracking" problems

Elastomer/Damper Length & Width: 35mm long x 30mm wide

Thread Type: 8mm (Female thread one end and 8mm Male Stud the other end) Thread 10mm long

Hardness (Shore): Natural (Medium)

Quantity: Price is Each (up to x8 can be required on some Decks)

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Part Number: 10-0005

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