Life Fitness 97Ti Treadmill Belt Kit

Life Fitness 97Ti Treadmill Belt Kit (Expert brand) is an extremely well made quality assured Commercial Treadmill Belt kit which includes our Pure Treadmill Belt Lubrication. Using the combination of the two excels our belting way beyond that of any of our competitors. With our Treadmill Engineering background expanding well over 30 years Expert’s Treadmill Belts are renown for their quality and durability through using only the best High Strength, Ultra Light Treadmill Belt fabric factory made to ensure High Belt Grip, True Belt Tracking and most important Ultra Low Motor Amp draw.

You have peace of mind that our Treadmill Belt is actually manufactured for the 97Ti Treadmills and although hard to believe we are seeing more and more internet sellers supplying belts into the industry with what duplicates as conveyor belting for biscuit production or supermarket check-outs which is too thick, weighs too heavy and will only result in blown Motor Contollers or more better known as (Motor Contoller Bad Errors) How do we know? As professional Gym Engineers for over 30 years we have the job of removing them! In our experience we have never seen so many Motor Control failures on Treadmills as we have in recent years, mainly due to heavy thick multi ply after market belts along with poor quality pre-lube creating extra drag and amp draw within the Motor Controller.

The Life Fitness 97Ti Treadmill Belt Kit (Expert brand) comes complete with fully compatible Liquid Lubrication and instructions, whether you have a waxer fitted onto your machine or not we will supply the correct belt lubricant to suit your machine. Early model 97Ti models may have a self lubricating wax bag fitted where as later version 97Ti models were fitted with Lubrication infused into the original belts. Expert brand Life Fitness 97Ti Treadmill Belts are as close a match to the original specification belt as possible and provide you with the benefit of manually applying the Lubricant for treadmill owner peace of mind where each time you regularly apply Lubricant you are ensuring "Optimum Performance" for your treadmill and increasing the life of your Treadmill Belt, Deck and Motor Controller. Simply apply an application of supplied Expert Fitness brand Lubricant to the underside of the Treadmill Belt fabric during fitting and then simply thereafter periodically.

Further supplies of Belt and Deck Lubrication is available < here >

Surface Texture: High Grip Low Weight Flat Heavy Duty Commercial Finish

Lubrication: Belt fabric to be used with Liquid Lubricant

Warranty: Industry Leading 12-Month Warranty

Additional Info: For 97Ti Treadmill Deck please < Click here >

For Make and Model: Life Fitness 97Ti Treadmill Belt

Brand: Expert Fitness UK Ltd

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Part Number: 3-0191

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