Life Fitness 9500 95 Next Generation Overlay Keypad

Life Fitness 9500 and 95 Next Generation Treadmill Keypad Overlay (Non OEM) includes Electronic Membrane and is suitable as a direct replacement for the 9500 95 Next Generation Treadmill models. A more cost effective solution of replacing the Overlay and Keypad only (the parts that fail) rather than the additional plastic facia.

Engineers Note:
You will be required to remove the Centre Console Facia from the Treadmill by removing the rear cover screws. Gently warm (using a hair dryer) the old/faulty Keypad and slowly peel it away from the plastic facia. With the old keypad/membrane removed, ensure that the plastic facia is clean of any debris and adhesive, carefully and slowly lower and apply the new Keypad/membrane onto the facia plate working from one side to the other or from top to bottom which ever way you feel confident, ensuring there is proper contact between the overlay and the facia and no trapped air between the adhesive backing of the Keypad and the surface of the facia plate.
For Further advice please call or telephone our Service Dept 

OEM Ref: P01AK5801600001

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Part Number: 7-0044

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