Indoor Bike Leather Brake Pad Oil

Indoor Bike Leather Brake Pad Oil (Expert Brand) suitable for all types of Indoor Bike Leather Brake Pad Maintenance. Our Lubrication is a "Must Have" for proper maintenance and calibration of the brake system.

Engineer Information: Prior to installing a new Leather Brake Pad you should check it for lubrication. This is done by squeezing the brake pad and checking to see if lubricant is released. If dry then our Expert Fitness Brand Lubrication Oil should be used by roughing up the leather pad with a wire brush and applying enough oil (a little at a time) until no more can be absorbed into the pad.

This process should also be carried out during routine service checks and if the Leather Pad is "dry" or "glazed" then roughen up the pad and apply our Lubrication Oil for an instant improvement in operation and an increase in the life of the Leather Pad.

Suitable for: All Indoor Bike Leather Brake Pads

Quantity: 100ml - Price is for the Oil only. (Pads are shown for illustration only)

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Part Number: 15-0024

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