Drive Belt Spray Dressing Spray for Poly V and HTD

Drive Belt Dressing Spray for Treadmill, Cross Trainer and Bike will extend the life of the Drive Belt fitted to your Treadmill, Crosstrainer, Bike, Stepper or any other Fitness Equipment fitted with Flat, Poly V, or HTD Rubber Drive Belts

Most Fitness Equipment Drive Belts fitted to Gym Equipment are housed underneath the product covers. In the case of Treadmills especially, the motors can become quite hot during use causing the heat to transfer into the motor pulley and into the Drive Belt. Heat over time, will cause the Drive Belt to "Dry Out" sometimes indicated by a faint squeaking sound the Drive Belt will eventually break.

Drive Belt Dressing Spray can eliminate squeaks and breakages and will feed or lubricate your Drive Belt to ensure it lasts longer

Aeorosol Size: 400ml

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