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Gym Upholstery Vinyl

Where Fitness Equipment Gym Upholstery Vinyl is concerned, Expert's range of Gym Upholstery Vinyl is of the highest quality and has been the first choice of many Fitness Equipment Manufactures!

Whether your matching your existing Gym Upholstery Vinyl or simply changing the current colour appearance of your Gym Equipment, we can provide a good selection of vibrant Upholstery Gym Vinyl Colours

Our Gym Upholstery Vinyl is developed for use within the Fitness Industry, Contract Upholstery Physio Therapy and Medical Industries

Long lasting, flame retardant, abrasion resistant, tear resistant, easy to clean and resistant to disinfectants our gym vinyl upholstery is available cut to length from 1 metre through to a full 25 metre roll and has a standard width of 1370mm. A Quality Gym Upholstery Vinyl that out performs others!