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SportsArt Treadmill Belt (Expert Brand)

SportsArt Treadmill Belt Kit (Expert Brand) is a High Performance Treadmill Belt kit which includes our Pure Treadmill Belt Lubricant and Fitting Instructions. With our Treadmill Engineering background expanding well over 30 years Expert’s Treadmill Belts are renown for their Quality and Durability through using the best High Strength, Ultra Light Treadmill Belt fabric factory made to ensure High Belt Grip, True Belt Tracking and Whisper Quiet usage.

You have peace of mind that our Treadmill Belt Kits are specifically designed for Treadmill use and will perform within tight Motor Control Board and Drive Unit operating tolerances ensuring the very best in Treadmill Performance and Reliability or more importantly reducing the potential failure of motor control boards. By upgrading your current Treadmill Belt to an Expert Brand Lubricated type you are able to fully benefit from a top Quality Lubricant system offering the Ultimate Upgrade in Treadmill Belt Performance.