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Powerjog Treadmill by Expert

Powerjog Treadmill 12 Month Part WarrantyPowerjog Treadmills are considered to be the world's leading Running Machines with a long history of design and manufacturing for the benefit of those who Want To Run!

All Powerjog Treadmills were designed and manufactured
by Sport Engineering of Stirchley, Birmingham in the UK

At Expert Fitness, we are proud of our Certified Powerjog Treadmill range and the level of workmanship we use to re-manufacture these machines by hand here in the UK.

Expert Fitness UK is a leading authority for Pre-Owned Powerjogs and we always have a good selection of these ultimate Treadmills that have undergone deep strip down to component level and remanufactured at our workshop in South Wales to the highest Engineering Standard. Our Pre-Owned Commercial Powerjogs are remanufactured close to their initial state and the end result is very impressive!

Once Quality Approved your remanufactured Powerjog is carefully packaged and supplied with full Certification signed-off by our Head Engineer. We place our remanufactured Powerjog Treadmills back into the Private or Commercial market with an Expert Fitness UK 12 Month Parts Warranty (UK) for your Peace Of Mind.

Please note that Expert' brand Remanufactured Powerjogs are available only through Expert Fitness UK Ltd, United Kingdom. The Powerjog Treadmills we purchase in for remanufacture were originally maintaned by us and owned by customers who we feel valued the Treadmill throughout their ownership.

Please note: We never market or sell our remanufactured Powerjog Treadmills through any third party or auction sites! Our remanufactured machines are available only direct from us!

Below is a Remanufactured Powerjog J100 (flatbed) Treadmill example shown in Grey
Powerjog Treadmill CPO by Expert Fitness UK
The Workhorse of the Powerjog Treadmill Range, the J100 provides instant Touch Sensitive controls and informative TFT Screen within a smooth running environment to give complete control over your workout.

The J100 Powerjog Treadmill Display has instant information at your fingertips; Scroll between Standard or Track display or switch from Metric to Imperial and get precise data on Speed/Pace, Time, Distance, Calories, 400m Circuit/Laps Completed and Elevation (JW/JX/JM) models only.
Powerjog Treadmill CPO by Expert Fitness UK
The JX100 Powerjog is a True Thoroughbred machine, built to give Maximum Performance for the most Demanding athletes. The JX Series Treadmill offers a host of impressive features including a series of pre-set programmes for a wide choice of workouts including, Run, Jog or Hill Climb. Maybe go a step further and try the Staircase or even punish yourself on the Ultimate Peak and once you've done the pre-set courses, why not challenge yourself on the 400m Circuit.